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We are developers building the
future of finance

We believe software should be great for everyone — those who write it and those who use it — and that bringing joy to problem-solving is the key to that.

Philosophy & Reflections

This blog is where our view is formalized and how journey is shared.

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We like to architect, develop and deploy fun and crazy stuff on the blockchain and web3! We like to work on projects which share our ethic and valors.

An NFT decentalized marketplace with incentives for curators Check Demo
Visa Debit Card + Ethereum Wallet. Store and spent your token anywhere banklessly!
Oraclize (now Provable Things)
Blockchain-agnostic oracle service. The first Oracle on Ethereum Mainnet!
Cross-chain DeFi
NFT Social Network
Async e-sport coaching platform

Crypto Work Experience

Over the past 4+ years, we have worked on a lot of cool projects in the blockchain space.

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Smart Contract Design & Development

Built smart contract on many different blockchains

Deep knowledge of NFTs and Marketplaces (OpenSea, Rarible). Built NFT platforms and deployed NFT collections. NFT fund management.
HW & SW Wallet security

Professional and secure setup of companies keys and wallet. Multisigs.
Analysis and R&D

Technical analisys of blockchains, stablecoins, DeFi, tokens, security. Technical writing skills.
SC Audits

Smart contract audit tools suites.
Articles review

Reviewing and drafting of articles on the crypto space.
Workshops and Speakers

Speakers at major crypto conferences, events and meetups. Workshop handled at top level universities.
Tokens & Stablecoin Design

Design, development and deploy of tokens on the major blockchains.